With many web sites, the philosophy is ready, fire, aim! We take a more sensible approach. Every service we provide begins right here. The design and functionality is birthed from an analysis of your target. Whether you need a brand new web site or just need to rethink your current site, we can make sure the Internet works for you.

Many companies out there understand the technical aspects of web development. Unfortunately, a vast majority of them don't understand the technical aspects of friendly service. We are tech-heads who provide scripting and application development solutions like PHP, JavaScript and dynamic HTML. We are also customer-oriented, and can explain in plain English what's going on.

Your web site is your face to the world. What potential customers see is how they will judge you. We believe in web designs that fit your company's vision, while making them visually unique and user-friendly. We also believe in getting your approval early to ensure that your site is your site.

There are times when providing information just doesn't cut it. We can help you get the "wow" you need with CD-Rom presentations in Flash. The corporate world is changing daily right along with technology. We can keep you ahead of the game.

Hosting isn't the most glamorous thing about the Internet. But it could be the most crucial. We know the hosts, and we match them to your needs. Once a selection is made, we transfer the content of your site to a host server under your domain name and your message is communicated to the world.

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